"The combination of your moving melodies and the perfection of your lyrics make a Julie Snow songs a hard act to follow. And they seem to touch so many people!"
-Lui Collins

"…a challenge to any of the pop-folk songwriters from Livingston Taylor to Joni Mitchell…."
-All Our Lives: A Women's Songbook

"Julie is simply the best unrecorded songwriter I know…"
-Jonathon Hall, co-owner of the Folkway Restaurant
Peterborough, NH

"'Baptism of Fire,' by Cambridge-based singer/songwriter Julie Snow, is quite simply as haunting and as eloquent as American popular song is ever likely to get - virtually leaping across all genre boundaries to take its place alongside the finest vocal writing of the past two decades."
-The Valley Advocate
Amherst, MA


"Julie Snow is an intellectual songwriter in the best sense of the word. She writes beautiful, deceptively simple songs about very complicated ideas. Her CD, 'If Words Were Stones', is a work of art"
- Cosy Sheridan

"I've been meaning to let you know how very much I have enjoyed your CD. On my recent tour of the Northwest, I took it with me in the car and listened to it several times, desperately wanted to call you while I was driving and speak with you in person about it, but didn't have your #…….I LOVE IT, I love your writing, I love your singing and how you stay within yourself, I think the production is excellent. It's really an excellent record and deserves to be heard by music lovers everywhere….and you may quote me on any of this.
-Freebo (bass player for Bonnie Raitt for 10 years)

"I was first introduced to Julie's work years ago through a cover of her powerful "Baptism of Fire". What a pleasure now to hear a full recording of fine songs by an outstanding writer."
-David Roth

"Wow, you made a wonderful album! Of course the Money song is one of my favorites, but they've all got their charm. I love"Circle the Wagons" and "Just by Lovin"'…and…and…and everything else. One great thing about your songs is that it's easy to start singing along right away. CONGRATULATIONS! Worth the wait."
-Cindy Mangsen

"Julie Snow singing her own songs - wow! I've waited years for this! The title song, "If Words Were Stones", is a standout, typical Julie Snow writing, with her use of atypical metaphor to bring new insight into the human condition….The album showcases Julie's range of writing, from tender love song, to family matters, to astute political commentary. The new songs are in keeping with her tradition of fine writing, and happily she's inserted a couple of her earlier songs for those of us familiar with them. My favorite track has to be Julie's own rendition of "Baptism of Fire". She has recorded it with piano and sultry sax, for a whole new feel, but what is most stunning is Julie's gentle reshaping of a melody line here and there - it gives me chills, the perfect combination of gorgeous writing and intuitive interpretation. The album's production is perfect for the songs, as is her choice of musicians, to make a clean and elegant sound. Well worth the wait!"
-Lui Collins


"Girl, you really hit a home run!!! Everything - the music, the band, and especially you! I wondered, as you quipped and goofed on stage - are these bits premeditated, or should she be considering a career in stand-up comedy?…..That show is a lot of fun and people go away feeling good! Do you have an agent?"
-Don Kendall
Newton, MA

"Julie, you are infused with the Holy! I was so moved by the way in which you are so completely and fully you with a guitar in your arms and a song in your heart. I am in awe. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of music."
-Susan Gunther-Mohr, D.Div.
Putney, VT